Manual Hospital Bed 3 Function NT-MH03

Three Function Crank Adjustable Manual Hospital Bed

A height-adjustable medical hospital bed that is widely used in intensive care units. The biggest advantage of this bed is that the height of the bed can be adjusted. When the patient gets out of bed, it becomes easier by adjusting the height. When the patient needs to dock the inspection instruments of different heights, it can also be adjusted by adjusting the height.
Therefore, this three-function manual bed is a very popular product. It is often mentioned in hospital procurement tenders.

Three Function Manual Hospital Bed Product Description

  1. ABS Four Leaf Shape guardrail, pneumatic spring with damping, protect the patient’s safety.
  2. The headboards are made of high-quality native ABS injection molding.
  3. The bed surface is made of one-time punch forming, sturdy and durable.
  4. It adopts a 125 mm PU double-sided silent wheel, which is stable in driving and strong in bearing capacity.
  5. ABS folding hidden crank, two-way limit protection.
  6. All steel used in hospital beds is best from well-known steel mills such as Shanghai Baosteel and Beijing Shougang.


The size of the Medical BedL 2050 mm x W 900 mm x H (480 mm – 620 mm)
Guardrail75 cm aluminum alloy fence
HeadboardABS injection molding * 2 pieces
Backrest Lifting0°-75°
Leg Up35°
Height adjustment480 mm to 620 mm(The height is adjustable)
Castor5-inch(125 mm diameter) PU universal wheel (with central break)
Bed material1.2 mm cold-rolled carbon steel
Net weight100 kg
Gross weight110 kg
Safe load260 kg
Package dimensions2030 mm * 1000 mm * 320 mm
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