Electric Hospital Bed Three Function With Semi motor NT-EHM03


What is Semi Electric Hospital Bed?

Semi electric hospital bed is the common medical bed in hospitals. It is very similar to a full electric hospital bed. Generally speaking, it is controlled by remote control. It can adjust the head and foot sections of the bed. And at the same time, it can adjust the overall height of the bed. The height-adjustable bed can greatly facilitate the transfer and examination of patients. Because the height of the inspection equipment in different departments of the hospital is different.

When transferring patients from the ward to other departments for examination, look for the power to operate the bed. This is a waste of time. For the semi-electric medical bed, you can adjust the height of the bed by operating the crank. This is very convenient. At the same time, semi-electric beds can cope with emergency power outages in hospitals. Although many full electric hospital beds now have backup batteries. But you can manually adjust the bed, which is the safest and safest method.

How to Choose a Semi-Electric Hospital bed?

The application scenarios and fields of the semi-electric beds are very wide. Whether you are a hospital buyer or a hospital furniture distributor. This product will bring you huge profits and more business opportunities.
If you are looking for a manufacturer of this product, Satcon medical from China is your best choice. Any style of the electric patient bed, we can customize it into manual and electric type. Because we are a hospital furniture manufacturer for more than 10 years.

Product Description

  1. High strength 1.2mm cold rolled steel used for bed frame.
  2. Use environmentally friendly non-toxic ABS as the guardrail of the hospital bed. At the same time, the bed guardrail has an angle display function, which is convenient for adjusting the angle of the bed according to the doctor’s order.
  3. The manual crank is made of SS 304 stainless steel, which is durable.
  4. The entire brake is controlled by a joystick, which is simple and convenient.
  5. The bed uses 5-inch double-wheel casters for stability and strong load capacity.
  6. This medical bed motors selected international brands –Moteck. (A manufacturer specializing in hospital bed motors.)

Product Technical Parameters

The size of the Medical BedL*W*H 2130*950*(470-700)mm
GuardrailHigh-performance ABS guardrail with pneumatic spring * 4 pieces
HeadboardABS injection molding * 2 pieces(With anti-collision wheel)
Backrest Lifting0°-75°(±5°)
Leg Up40°(±5°)
Height adjustment470 mm to 700 mm(The height is adjustable)
Motor3 Pieces Moteck linear motor(Motor brand selectable)
Castor5-inch(125 mm diameter) TRP universal wheel (with central break)
Bed material1.2 mm cold-rolled carbon steel
InfusionEquipped with the IV pole
Net weight120 kg
Gross weight125 kg
Safe load280 kg
Package dimensions2030 mm * 860 mm * 320 mm
Qty of package40 Pieces 20 GP / 85 Pieces 40HQ
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