Here more than 20 modesl Lightweight power chair from China wheelchair manufacturers,will be with better price and solutions for your market.
You can take these lightweight electric power wheelchairs by airplane. In this category you will find electric power chairs that are approved by the air travel.The airline department approves these lightweight power chairs to be checked in as luggage because their batteries meet either of these two requirements.
Lithium-Ion – If your power chair comes with a lithium, you may check them in on an airplane but the battery needs to be disconnected from the power chair before checking it in.Konatocare wheelchair manufacturers can supplied with the battery MSDS report / UNI38.3 certifticates / Identification and Classification Report for tranport of goods.It will be more easily for the power wheelchair drivers traveling by Plane. Note: Please recommend your wheelchair customer calling their airline before traveling, some restrictions may apply.

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