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Modern electric wheelchairs come up with a variety of features to fulfill the demand of different customers under different circumstances. If you are using a wheelchair for the first time, you may not know about all the features in details. Today’s electric wheelchair is an improved version of the conventional manual version. Now, an electric wheelchair contains a new chassis, electric motor, and batteries under the seat of the user. Its mobility aid has included new features so that it can quickly adapt to all the environments.

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You cannot use all the wheelchairs for outdoor purpose. There are some unique features included in those wheelchairs so that it can run smoothly on the rugged surface of the ground. See the length of excursion your wheelchair can manage if you want to use it outside. There are some power chairs used for climbing big obstacles that a wheelchair cannot. Check the Kerb-climbing ability of the wheelchair to ensure its ability to perform as a power chair. Most of the electric wheelchairs run at a speed of 4mph though some advanced type of wheelchairs reaches up to 6mph speed for faster movement.
Most of the power chairs can cope up with a certain degree of slopes. They can withstand the different level of angles depending on their design and construction. When you are climbing a sloping surface, make sure you have checked your wheelchair’s suitability for this. Good quality power chairs have good quality suspension system, and it is vital for a smooth ride outside your home.
The wheelchairs for outdoors have tougher wheels than the ones used for indoors. Electric wheelchairs that are used indoors run on the flat and smooth surface. However, the surface is rugged and sloppy outside. So, if your wheelchair cannot stay safe in such condition, do not take it outside. Use tougher wheels to control the wear and tear process. These wheels ensure process slow-down and a safe ride for the user.

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