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How to distinguish the type of electric power motorized wheelchair MOTOR

Due to the convenience of electric wheelchairs, more and more users are willing to choose wheelchairs powered by electric motors; however, many dealers, including many dealers, are not clear about the differences between various motors used for electric wheelchairs. Based on the summary in recent years, I will share the differences between electric wheelchair motors for your reference:

1.Brush motor

It uses carbon brushes as the two contacts of the power source of the motor. It is controlled by a speed-adjusting handle and a controller. It can achieve stepless speed regulation of electric bicycles by 0-20 km/h through the secondary reduction of gears and overrunning clutch. The brushed high-speed motor currently used has high gold content, strong motor reduction gear strength, good wear resistance, and reasonable design, so the repair rate is low; and the cost of repairing and replacing gears and motors is less, effectively reducing electric bicycles Maintenance costs; and the brushed motor can easily ride by humans by overrunning the clutch and flywheel. Brushed motor is the use of brush mechanical commutation!

2.Brushless motor

The cost of its speed control system is higher than that of brushed high-speed motors. The controller is prone to failure in use. The electric wheelchair equipped with a brushless motor must be driven at a speed of more than 35 km / h in order to achieve its best working efficiency. However, we know that electric wheelchair s are managed as non-motorized vehicles and the speed must be under 20 km / h. The use of brushless motors for electric bicycles reduces work efficiency and is not highly desirable. The main point it is adopted now is the low noise. The brushless motor uses electronic circuit commutation! There is a detection element to detect the polarity!

The strength and disadvantage between brush motor and brushless motor:

A. Service life:

  1. Brushless motor: it can work continuously for about 20,000 hours, and the normal service life is 7-10 years.
  2. Brushed motor: It can work continuously for about 5000 hours, and the normal service life is 2-3 years.

B. Use effect:

  1. Brushless motor: It runs at a high speed of 90-95m / s, and the actual effect can reach the dry time of 5-7s.
  2. Brushed motor: The running speed and dry time are much lower than the brushless motor.

C. Energy saving:

Relatively speaking, the power consumption of brushless motors is only 1/3 of that with brushes.

D. In future maintenance

After the brush motor is worn, not only the carbon brushes but also the accessories around the motor such as the rotating teeth are replaced. The cost is much higher. Most importantly, the overall function will be affected.

E. Noise and service life

The noise from brushed motors is much higher than that of brushless motors, and as the carbon brushes wear out in the future, the noise of brushed motors will increase, and brushless motors will not be affected.

F. The value

As upon information, you will be clearly about the motors differences. and The price of brushless motor is about 4-6 times than brushed motor.So The cost of brushless motor electric wheelchair is about double than the brush motor one.and the price around USD200 – USD500 wheelchair is with the brush motor.

Here Recommend for the wheelchair with Brushless motor,for reference.

the wheelchair with Brush motor,for reference.

So If need more information or requirement about the electric wheelchair motor,please contact Kontocare Freely.

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