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As usual, the brake of electric wheelchair used with manual handle ,Electronic brake and electromagnetic brake,but how to distinguish them..Please check the below knowledge point.

lightweight electric wheelchair with black color seat cushion

First.Wheelchair,used with Common motor. Can use the brake by two type.Manual handle brake and Electronic brake.(EABS).It’s worked by the electronic singal,which the controller send to the motor.When on the slope.the controller will give the different direction power to the motor to keep the wheelchair stay on the slope.and need take about 1 second to stop the wheel chair on the slope. But the brake will not work when the battery power off.

250W brush electric wheelchair motor
Electronic brake motor,Without the electromagnetic brake system

Second.Wheel chair .used with electromagnetic brake motor (Also called EMG Brake). can brake at once when stop the wheelchair or turn off the controller. No matter the power on or off.the brake will be working always.Only need turn the motor clutch to electric type. not manual. At the same time, the weight of EMG Brake motor is about 0.3-0.5kgs heavier than the normal one.

lightweight electric wheelchair brushless motor
EMG Brake system,Controlled by the red handle clutch.

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