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Buying a wheelchair is no longer a cakewalk. Gone are the days of traditional manual wheelchairs. The time has changed. This change in time has revolutionized wheelchairs with many advancements on the technical front. Are you thinking about buying a wheelchair either for yourself or for someone in your contacts?

Due to technical changes and advancements, buying wheelchair that caters to your needs to perfection is a complicated task. Considering this, the main objective of today’s article is to answer some very important question to help every user buy a perfect foldable electric power wheelchair according to his or her requirements.

Q1. How much should you pay for buying a perfect electrical wheelchair?

Answer: As far as the price of mobility scooter is concerned, it clearly varies according to the type you are investing on. You must determine the condition of your mobility scooter before deciding to buy.  In simple words, do you want to buy a new foldable electric power wheelchair or just a reconditioned model? Think about it! Coming back to the price of a power wheelchair, it begins from as little as USD500 and can easily go up to USD4500 for top-range of a class 3 wheelchair compatible for running on roads.

Q.2. What differentiates a new and a reconditioned wheelchair?

Answer: You can easily expect yourself to see many people trading in their old-models to component exchange or upgrade to a newer one. Such used or reconditioned models are easily available for sale in wheelchair shops. Additionally, be ready for reduced warranty period of up to only 3-4 months as opposite to a full one year.

Q.3. How often the battery of a folding electric power wheelchair  for adults should be charged?

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Answer: It clearly depends on how many number of times you make use of your wheelchair.

However, if you are using your mobility scooter then you must not forget to charge its battery during the night time. Remember, you need not worry about the charge of the battery of your fold up electrical wheelchair before you try to recharge it again. Recharging its battery unless it is fully empty does not make it subject to any kind of technical problems.

Wheelchair manual must be consulted because the battery of some of the mobility scooters should not be recharged especially if they have more than 80% power left. Moreover, the battery of a mobility scooter should never be recharged for more than 12 hours. The instruction manual relevant to the folding mobility scooter should make it clear whether it is fine to let the battery get overcharged? This is something very important to know.

Q.4. What should be the ideal battery life of a foldable electrical wheelchair before replacing them?

Answer:  You must look for a mobility scooter offering the battery life of at least one and half year or little more. Again, it depends on the number of times you use your electric wheelchair in a single day. Apart from this, reduction in its ability to travel for a normal distance will indicate towards the requirement of getting the battery replaced. Therefore, booking for your annual service for considering the idea of replacing the battery of a lightweight portable electric wheelchair is always a wise thing to do.

Q.5. Is it possible to buy a foldable electric power wheelchair  to travel for longer distances?

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Answer: For this purpose, your wheelchair requires a bigger battery. In simple words, the model of your wheelchair must allow you to replace standard battery with a high pack to help you travel more. Howbeit, this will cost you more and will be heavier to lift. This is only possible when its battery is bought in pairs for alternation purpose in case of emergency or need. A standard pair of batteries will usually cost you of USD150.

Q.6. Do lightweight portable electric wheelchairs require service?

Answer:  It is very important for the users to get their mobility scooter serviced once or twice in a year.

This should be considered seriously especially when its performance starts fluctuating.  Problems such as noises, squeaks or shallow tyre tread should usually cost you around £70 for a service.

Q.7. Is it a good idea to take foldable electric power wheelchair into shops or shopping centers?

Answer: Some shops or shopping malls may allow users to take their automated wheelchairs inside.

Because It all depends on the rules and regulations of the business. Taking the possibility of less space, pathway blockage, user travelling too fast on mobility scooters without taking care of the other shopper’s safety, they may not be allowed to do so. Therefore, remember to consult the rule books of every shopping center you visit.

Q.8. Are lightweight portable electric wheelchairs allowed to be taken on plane?

lightweight electric wheelchair can be take by plane

Answer: Yes! Users can take their computerized wheelchairs on plane.

It is always a wise thing to inform your air-travel agent in advance about booking a computerized wheelchair to assist you at the airport.

This helps your chosen airlines to serve you better. Don’t forget that you need to provide details of your electrical wheelchair to your chosen airlines to obtain permission. This detail must contain full information about the make, model, weight, size and weather it folds or gets dismantled.

Most importantly, the airlines officials will check it thoroughly and make sure that your wheelchair does not force the plane to exceed its specified weight limit to be carried.

Q.9 What is the maximum weight an electrical wheelchair can carry?

Answer: A lightweight foldable power wheelchair’s capacity to carry weight varies according to the type and model.

It mainly depends on the weight of a userGenerally, they are easily capable of carrying the weight of 18-24 stones. The overall weight of the user surely affects the performance of the electric wheelchair.

Q.10. Where should users store their lightweight foldable power wheelchair?

Answer: Always store your electric wheelchairs away from the reach of heat, condensation.  

Because Heat and condensation can easily damage your mobility scooter. Users are advised to store their computerized wheelchairs in a leak and heat proof shed or in a garage and room etc. Make sure that your storage place has electrical source to help you recharge battery.

And another option for you to protect your boot scooter is that it should be left inside your car. At the most, bring its battery in for recharging purpose. In case you leave it outside, remember to protect your lightweight foldable power wheelchair with the help of a plastic cover.

So considering all of this vital information, users must understand the importance of paying attention towards this vital information to help themselves buy a perfect automatic wheelchair that caters to their requirements to perfection.

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